Our 3 Core Principles

3 Principles & Your Retirement

Our client relationships are built on three core values: Safety, a Reasonable Rate of Return**, and Simplicity. Contact us today to review your unique situation and explore the options that best suit your needs.

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To secure a good retirement plan, having a solid strategy is essential.

Our approach is based on 3 core guiding principles to shape your retirement strategy. We utilize options like fixed index annuities, fixed annuities, and indexed universal life insurance to secure your long-term financial future. Discover more about these foundational concepts below. Let us help you retire with confidence.

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Our 3 Core Principles

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#1 Safety First

A typical retirement portfolio may be heavily invested in the stock market. However, these investments come with inherent risks. While your savings might grow during a market upswing, they can also decrease if the market declines, leaving you to wonder if your account will have time to recover.

That’s why we prioritize protecting your principal*. During your working years, you might have been willing to endure the market’s “roller coaster ride.” Many people opt to buy and hold, hoping for market recovery. But as you approach retirement, your priorities may shift. Instead of riding out market fluctuations, you may now seek to safeguard the wealth you’ve accumulated.

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#2: Keep It Simple

Surprisingly, retirement strategies can be straightforward. Opting for a clear path often leads to the best long-term outcomes. Above all, understanding your finances and plan is crucial. Are you familiar with how your current accounts operate? Can you count on your money when you need it? With the right plan in place, these questions become non-issues. You can enjoy simple, direct options with a guaranteed retirement income for life*.

No one should spend their retirement fretting over finances. Our goal is to instill confidence in our clients’ retirement income. Furthermore, our methods ensure the security of your principal*, alleviating concerns about outliving your savings. Achieving your retirement goals can be straightforward with our simplified approach.

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#3: Reasonable Rate of Return**

Our firm prioritizes guiding clients towards expecting a reasonable rate of return**. We place high importance on safety and simplicity, offering alternatives to high-risk investments. Often, conservative options from other providers may offer disappointing rates of return.

Among the options we provide are those that can generate a reasonable rate of return** without risking your principal. Take fixed index annuities, for example. These don’t directly invest your money in the market but rather link to an index. So, when the index performs well, you may see some rate of return. However, if the index declines, your principal remains unaffected. This means you have the potential to earn indexed interest without putting your money at risk in the market.

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